The travel accessories you need to pack like a pro these holidays



Whether you’re out on the road for the holidays, traveling for work, or just planning your dream vacation after the vaccination, packing a suitcase is of the utmost importance.

Excessive packing, spillage of toiletries, and lack of organization can add stress and hassle to travel, but finding the right items and accessories to pack early can seem like an unnecessary hassle. We decided to help you by asking for your best advice and tricks from two people who make a living on the road.

The two travel professionals we spoke to highlighted one thing: organization is key to a successful packaging experience. And if that means investing in accessories like packing cubes, it’s worth it. Traveling is chaotic enough, so why add an unnecessary mess?

Nicole Kleist is a freelance travel writer who often has to hit the road at any moment to follow a story. “I lean a lot on the packing bins because they keep my suitcase from looking like a tornado tornado,” he said. “I especially like to use them for my dirty shoes and underwear.”

In an effort to keep things simple, try to plan your outfits for each day in advance. “It keeps me from packing too much and it also makes dressing less annoying throughout the trip,” he explained. If that sounds like too much work, suggest “packing neutral colors so you can mix and match everything you carry.”

Kleist’s biggest advice? “Don’t wear too many shoes! It’s the easiest way to lighten the load and you won’t end up putting them all on.

As a professional touring musician, Drew Citron echoed Kleist’s organizing boards. “I keep my showy looks in a clothes bag completely independent of my hotel and travel clothes,” she said. “It’s about compartmentalizing what I need when I need it, so I use separate bags for separate things.”

Citron’s best tip: pack more underwear than you think you’ll need. “I pack all the underwear I have; that way I know that if we don’t get a chance to wash our clothes, I’ll be fine with that,” he said. You never know what challenges the road will bring, and running out of underwear is never good.

Read on to see some of the best options for packing buckets, clothes bags, travel technology solutions, accessories and more. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

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A set of compression cubes

Fold your space with BeeNesting waterproof compression packing cubes. This set of four uses double zippers to soften your clothes so you can maximize your suitcase space. They are perfect for when you want to use a handbag for a long trip.

Get it from Amazon for $ 42.

Travel briefs organizer

How brilliant is that? This JJ Power travel underwear organizer, which comes in a variety of colors, is the perfect addition to your cube collection.

Get it from Amazon for $ 14.99.

A universal international adapter

Keep this Saunorch plug adapter handy whenever you’re on the road. You don’t want to be caught without one and you will have to pay exorbitant prices at the airport.

Get it on Amazon for $ 18.99.

A set of containers for rechargeable toiletries

Avoid the agony of losing an entire bottle of face moisturizer during a travel disaster and decant your liquid cosmetics and skin care items into refillable containers. This Meacolia set includes a pump bottle, two squeezable tubes, a spray bottle, a pump bottle with valve, three jars of cream, a spatula and a funnel, along with a travel bag. This is very low priced.

Get it from Amazon for $ 7.49.

A set of five packing cubes

Calpak’s five-piece packaging bucket set comes in a variety of fun colors and fun patterns and includes a waterproof envelope bag.

Get it from Calpack for $ 65.

A practical technological case

Traveling with laptops and other tech items is almost inevitable these days, and Away’s tech case makes it much easier to keep everything well-kept. Laptop chargers and larger accessories fit into the mesh zippered bottom compartment, while the upper elastic loops hold the headphones, phone charger blocks, and extra cables.

Get it from Away for $ 45.

A beauty bag

The Glossier bath kit is tall enough to keep the bottles upright, has a removable red inner bag and four small pockets on the side so you don’t have to look for your sweets. Best of all, it is as beautiful as it is functional.

Get it at Glossier for $ 28.

A shoe packing bag

The Calpak Compakt shoe bag comes in a set of two, is made of waterproof ripstop nylon that is easy to clean and has a carrying handle. Choose from three lovely colors to match your personal aesthetic.

Get it from Calpak for $ 28.

An elegant set of packing cubes

Few travel better than Away, and their packing bins compress and organize everything inside a suitcase, even the bulkiest items. They are made of waterproof nylon with a mesh panel that makes everything easy to find.

Get it from Away for $ 65.

A cell phone and a computer charger

Don’t get lost in a wrapper. This Q-brand portable external phone charger is compatible with a variety of smartphones and can be connected directly to the wall.

Get it from Amazon for $ 39.99.

A travel bag

The Simple Houseware clothing bag is perfect for winter dresses, suits and coats, and even has a pocket for shoes. It has two handles and a hole, so it is easy to carry and fold in a suitcase.

Get it on Amazon for $ 14.87.

A resistant and weather-resistant packaging bucket

Going camping? You will need this Eagle Creak packing bucket. It is very durable and water repellent, which makes it perfect for protecting clothing, technological equipment or the outside.

Get it at Eagle Creak starting at $ 37.46.

A packable travel clothes bag

Store dirty clothes in a nylon bag so they don’t mix with clean clothes. The EzPacking option is lightweight, fits in your suitcase and folds to save space when not in use.

Get it from Amazon for $ 12.99.

A stylish double team

Pack your toiletries in this sleek, simple and compact West Elm Dopp Bath Kit. The handle adds another level of function, along with an inner mesh pocket.

Get it from West Elm for $ 28.

A super comfortable travel neck pillow

It would be negligent not to include the beloved Citron travel neck pillow. The Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Neck Pillow is perfect for airplanes and long car journeys and can be easily attached to luggage for easy transport.

Get it from Amazon for $ 29.99.

A reusable water bottle

Investing in a high quality reusable water bottle is key to making your trip more enjoyable. A fine, insulated bottle of water like these from S’well not only keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks longer, but can be easily put in your handbag.

Get it on Amazon for $ 26.

A pack of antibacterial wipes

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