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Dallas is a bustling metropolis that offers visitors and residents opportunities for fine dining, world-class museums and great shopping and hotels. Located in the Central Business District, one of these outstanding hotels is The Joule. The luxury boutique hotel is within walking distance of much of what Dallas has to offer, so whether you’re staying or going out, this four-star Forbes property has something for everyone.

Resurrected from a historic bank building, the first thing I noticed as I approached the hotel was the bespoke size. The neo-Gothic architecture of the 1920s stands out on the horizon of the neighborhood, and the lobby is full of unique museum-quality works of art curated by hotel founder and owner Tim Headington. The entire property features 70 reclaimed mosaic pieces by mid-century artist Millard Sheets, the large-scale mosaic works saved by Headington from the demolition of the Mercantile Building in 2012.

Guests are welcomed in an impressive lobby

Enjoy mosaic artwork in the hallway to the spa.

A bright lobby in the lobby leads guests to the spa, an underground design by Adam T Tihany with an impressive pool of vitality at the heart of the experience. With a crystal steam room, an ice fountain, a sauna and sun loungers, the shopping experience is quickly achieved, so reservations are definitely recommended.

Rooms at The Joule are comfortable and well-designed, using space within the building’s footprint and offering alcoves for desks, large closets and lush bathrooms with rain showers. There are several Penthouse options available with extensive 2,500 square foot floor plans and distinctive décor, giving each one a unique character and experience.

Pool of serene vitality located in the underground spa.

Bedrooms Penthouse Suite at The Joule.

Upon entering CBD Provisions for dinner, my mouth starts to water as I smell the steak on the grill. With the name of the location of the central business district where it is located, CBD Provisions is open all day every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cozy environment is warm and contemporary, with reclaimed wood and amber lighting that make the surfaces shine in the Texas Brasserie. I opt for the Avocado Dip with fresh cheese, macha sauce, coriander and lime chips as a starter, as well as the prawn ceviche with tiger milk, ceviche onion, Fresno pepper and fried bananas. Known for its family-style crispy pork head meatballs, the special dish is limited and must be booked 24 hours in advance, so I order the half-roast chicken with vegetable cream, dumplings, parsley and paprika; it is divine.

Courtesy of The Joule

After dinner, we went down following a neon “cocktail” sign in the main lobby. Midnight Rambler is a delight; from the clandestine atmosphere to the incredible cocktails of the award-winning bartender Gabe Sanchez. We approach the bar and enjoy a dizzying show of cocktails prepared by expert bartenders, join in the laughter and music of the room and have our special drinks.

Courtesy of The Joule

Just when you think you’ve discovered the whole hotel, you find more. Beyond the check-in desk the next morning I visit the cafeteria and shop of the adjacent hotel, where you can find selected gifts and miscellaneous items. There is a seating area and another bar nearby, and there are more works of art to admire. To take your next coffee table book home with you, a visit to the Taschen Library is a must for a wide variety of topics.

Courtesy of The Joule

Another unique architectural feature of the hotel is the seasonal hotel’s cantilevered pool next to the hotel. The seating area and the bar are a great place to relax during the summer months, both on the terrace and to hang out near the glass wall that juts out on the street below. There is also a well-equipped gym on the same floor for sweating while staying at the property.

Whether you’re in the comfort of your room for a book published by Taschen, relax in the spa, enjoy the hotel’s curated art collection, or stroll through the eclectic city of Dallas, The Joule. it is a luxury stay worth living. For rates and reservations, visit

Courtesy of The Joule

Penthouse Suite space on several levels.

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