Australia’s Christmas weather forecast: sun, storms and hot water


Most Australian capitals are expecting a warm, partly cloudy Christmas with a chance of rain in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

A maximum of 30 ° C and a warm night with a minimum of 21 ° C were said in Sydney, while Melburnians could enjoy a moderate maximum of 20 ° C before temperatures dropped to 13 ° C. C.

Those still in the country’s capital for Christmas were prepared to experience highs of 30ºC, although there was a 50% chance of showers and a chance of a storm in the evening in Canberra.

Adelaide and Hobart would be partly cloudy with highs of 27C and 21C respectively, and both were expected to drop to 15C overnight.

Brisbane was expecting a wet Christmas with 8mm-20mm of rain and a possible storm was expected.

The capital of Queensland also had a maximum expected temperature of 27ºC and a minimum of 22ºC.

A scorching Christmas with a high of 43ºC was expected in Perth.

Meanwhile, Darwin was told that he was expecting a maximum of 31 ° C and between 20 and 80 mm of rain, with signs of a tropical cyclone forming in the north.

Meteorological Bureau forecaster Billy Lynch said there was little chance the cyclone would develop on Christmas Day. However, there was concern that a low-lying tropical beer in northern Australia could reach the intensity of the cyclone west of Darwin on Christmas Day.

A bad weather warning was issued in the early hours of Christmas morning for parts of the Northern Territory Arnhem district.

Meteorologists said a monsoon is likely to intensify in the far north on Saturday as a tropical depression deepened near the Tiwi Islands. The trough was expected to be near the Australian coast on Saturday, and then move inland in the evening.

The concern was that the minimum is likely to strengthen as it moves south and reaches the intensity of the tropical cyclone west of Darwin on Sunday.

On Saturday morning, there was a tropical cyclone warning for the system, which was expected to have heavy rains that would cause sudden flooding during Saturday north of Arnhem.

From Saturday evening, harmful winds could develop with gusts of up to 100 km / h with monsoon wetlands.

These conditions were expected to persist or even increase during Sunday. There was also a flood clock for parts of the Top End.

Locations that may be affected include Maningrida, Milingimbi, Ramingining, Galiwinku, Warruwi and Gunbalanya.

The Northern Territory Emergency Service advised people to secure loose outdoor objects and seek shelter when conditions deteriorated.

Drivers should stop if it rains heavily and avoid entering unknown depths and currents. Residents were urged to create their own sandbags in the event of a flood and to stay away from flooded drains, rivers, streams and waterways.

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