100 good questions to ask friends (just for fun!)



Friends, friends, best friends, best friends or whatever you call them, one thing is for sure: if you forged through years of trust and companionship, or perhaps a growing friendship, it’s hard to find a real friend. And it is a treasure that we should value once we have them in our lives.

Now, I know you can get to know each other from the inside out (maybe you even have one best friends list), but here’s a fun challenge: how ok you know each other? A great way to try it out is to ask good and fun questions to your friends, whether it’s about love, their favorite food or movie, anything!

To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of over a hundred fun questions to ask your friends. Not only will it allow you to deepen your bond with them, but it can also be an opportunity to discover something new with each other!

1. Are there politicians you trust completely?

2. Are there websites you visit daily?

3. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

4. Are you a superstitious person?

5. What do you think is your biggest weakness?

6. Do you consider yourself competitive?

7. Do you like being alone?

8. What is your biggest fear?

9. Have you ever been to a summer camp?

Group of friends drinking while camping

10. Have you ever run away from home?

11. Where are you popular at school?

12. Did you have an imaginary great friend?

13. How many different houses have you lived in?

14. Do you believe in aliens?

15. Do you believe in ghosts?

16. Do you believe in life after death?

17. Do you believe in monogamy?

18. Do you believe in soul mates?

A cat sitting on a table while a man drinks his coffee

19. Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

20. Do you cook more?

21. Do you ever look for your old friends or classmates online?

22. Do you feel that you are young at heart or an old soul?

23. Do you have a stage fright?

24. Do you have any hidden talent?

25. Do you regret it? If so, what are they?

26. Do you know what you want to do with your life?

27. Do you like being in the spotlight?

Brides making a toast

28. Do you like museums?

29. Do you like roller coasters?

30. Do you ever miss being a child?

31. Do you follow your heart or your head more often?

32. How often do you get sick?

33. Do you prefer to stay home or go out?

34. Do you like to read?

35. What do you do to relax?

36. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the past?

37. What do you think of tattoos?

38. Do you think that your parents gave special treatment to you or one of your siblings?

39. What is your favorite thing to eat?

A group of friends eating pizza

40. Do you want to have children someday?

41. Why do you feel more grateful for your life?

42. Have you ever “separated” from a friend?

43. Have you ever been harassed?

44. What’s the best date you’ve ever been?

45. Have you ever felt that your world was collapsing?

46. ​​What is your favorite movie of all time?

47. Have you ever been on a diet?

48. Have you ever been to a festival?

49. How do you think you have changed in the last 5 years?

50. How did your parents meet?

51. How do you like to be comforted when you are sad or upset?

52. How many friends are too many?

Friends having a picnic

53. How often do you clean your room?

54. If money were not the object, what would you buy?

55. If you ever decided to get married, what would be your dream proposal?

56. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

57. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

58. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

59. What are the top three goals on your wish list?

60. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Puppies and a kitten

61. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

62. If you were an animal, what would you be?

63. What is the key to happiness?

64. If you were to live where you want in the world, where would you be?

65. Which relative are you closest to?

66. What are the three main things that stress you out?

67. Have you chosen names for your future children?

68. What is your biggest rage?

69. What do you think is your best physical characteristic?

70. How do you think you will be when you grow up?

Two friends walking

71. What do you think is your best quality?

72. What do you usually eat for breakfast?

73. What do you value most in a friendship?

74. How did your parents receive your name?

75. What has been your most embarrassing moment?

76. What foreign language would you like to learn?

77. What is the greatest success of your life?

Three friends holding hands

78. What is your definition of success?

79. What task do you hate the most?

80. What wakes you up at night?

81. What was your first concert?

82. What was your least favorite subject in school?

83. What would a perfect holiday look like?

Friends enjoying the beach

84. What is the car of your dreams?

85. What would the house of your dreams look like?

86. What’s the best thing you’ve dressed up for Halloween?

87. What would you do if you only had one week to live?

88. What has been the hardest decision you have ever had to make?

89. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

90. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been to?

91. What is your favorite season?

    Friends sitting on the beach

92. What is the best gift you have ever received?

93. What are your favorite desserts of all time?

94. What are your favorite vacations?

95. What is your favorite way to exercise?

96. What is your favorite dish when you have to make dinner?

97. When was the time in your life when you laughed the most?

98. Where do you expect to be five years from now? Ten? Fifteen?

Friend enjoying the view after the walk

99. Which application do you use most on your phone?

100. Who was your first lover?

101. Who has been your favorite teacher?

102. Would you like to be famous?

. . .

And this is the end of our list! Here are some questions to ask your friends, so you can definitely choose something you like. You can consider it as an activity during a pajama party or even while spending time at home.

Just remember to respect the boundaries of others when asking questions, no matter how close you are. If you think you or your friend aren’t ready to open yet, fine and good! What matters is that you know each other a little better than before.

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