Travel bookings are increasing due to COVID fatigue



TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – The American Automobile Association (AAA) said they have noticed a recent increase in travel bookings over the past few weeks, suggesting that travelers are tired of COVID and want to flee.

AAA travel advisers said in a statement that they have experienced some of the busiest days since the summer of 2021. They said they have been booking summer getaways, cruises and spring break plans for 2023. and in 2024.

“Despite flight cancellations, the omicron variant, and possible weather-related interruptions, travel inquiries and bookings reflect a renewed sense of determination to start again,” said Brenda Hunsburger, senior vice president of AAA Club Alliance Travel. “Not only are we seeing more people making plans for the future, but with winter upon us, AAA is listening to travelers who want to know where they can go right now.”

A new survey by Destination Analysts finds that 60% of travelers say they want to make travel a priority in 2022 and that almost 80% of American travelers have scheduled at least 1 trip for 2022.

“Travel may require extra planning and perhaps extra protection compared to the pre-pandemic, but travelers are willing to take the necessary precautions and follow the new procedures to be able to go out with family and friends,” says Chip Morgan. vice president of leisure. Travel by AAA Club Alliance. “What we’re seeing is an acceptance that this is the ‘new normal’.”

AAA has 3 tips for travelers to keep in mind when traveling:

  • Learn the destination COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines
  • You have prepared photos of important documents such as passports and vaccination cards
  • Budget according to supply and demand
  • Have expenses available if there is a delay or cancellation

A recent AAA survey found that most Americans have discovered the benefits of having a travel advisor.

Travel Advisor Help:

  • Explore the options that best fit a person’s budget and time
  • Save time and money by researching them
  • Explain to travelers the changes that may occur
  • Informs travelers of the latest restrictions or requirements related to COVID
  • Act as an attorney on behalf of the traveler who needs to reschedule or cancel plans
  • Help find alternative flights or accommodations in case of a flight cancellation or weather related interruptions
  • AAA recommends travel insurance to cover unexpected travel delays or interruptions
  • Some destinations require travelers to have travel insurance
  • AAA says there are several travel insurance policies to choose from that work best for each person

The AAA also said that no matter where they plan to go or how they plan to reach their destination, they want to encourage travelers to understand and follow CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines.

Based on AAA reservations, the association said it has realized that cruise passengers are optimistic about cruise travel, despite CDC guidelines urging people to avoid cruises.

“Those who have a passion for cruising are making plans to return to open water as soon as possible,” Hunsburger adds. “There is an understanding and acceptance that the ‘new normal’ on cruise lines will include established protocols to make it as safe as possible for all passengers and crew.”

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