How to show proof of vaccination status against Covid for traveling abroad



The NHS application is now widely used as a digital vaccine passport for British people traveling abroad, and a growing number of nations are accepting it as proof of your vaccination status.

Travelers who have received the third dose, or booster, can now use the app to prove it.

The application has the NHS Covid Pass, which is accepted by all EU countries as well as most of the more distant nations. It is also possible to request an NHS Covid Pass card if you need, or prefer, this version.

Unvaccinated individuals usually have a negative Covid test or immunity test, depending on the requirements of their destination; Accepted ways to demonstrate these results are shown on each country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs guidance page on

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about holiday vaccine passports.

Is the passport for the Covid vaccine a physical document?

A feature has been added to the NHS application that allows users to show, with the aim of entering foreign countries, that they have been vaccinated. The vaccination log shows the dates of your shots, with a barcode for each dose you received.

There is an option in the app to download a copy of your certificate, which you can then print. It is advisable to do so, in case you lose your phone or the battery runs out while it is out. However, those who have downloaded the NHS Covid Pass as a PDF or added it to their Apple Wallet before 1 November will need to download, reprint or add an updated version before traveling for their pass to be valid. Older certificates will not be scanned under the EU Covid Digital Certificate Scheme (DCC).

How do I get a holiday vaccine passport?

You need to download the NHS app to your smartphone: it’s different from the contact tracking app, called NHS Covid 19, which is standalone and doesn’t include vaccine passports.

The application requires access to your NHS profile and number, which records whether or not you have received a coronavirus vaccine.

The NHS vaccination record is displayed within the app.

Open your App Store if you’re using an iPhone or Google Play Store on an Android phone. Search for “NHS App” and it should be the best result. The app is compatible with most Android smartphones. Any device with Android 5.0 or higher can download and use it.

Those who do not have access to the application can apply for a letter from the NHS proving their vaccination status by calling 119; the letter may take up to seven business days to arrive.

Other applications that are used as a vaccine test are free, such as the NHS application. The Iata version can be downloaded and used for free.

How does the NHS app work?

It allows people to record details such as their name, postcode and NHS number to link the app to their health history held by their GP.

This information is displayed in the app once people have logged in, allowing them to view their immunization record, as well as other medical information, such as allergies and appointment records.

To find your vaccination status in the app, users can click on the ‘your health’ tab and then click on a box labeled ‘Get your NHS Covid Pass’.

This will take you to a screen where you can choose between “Home” and “Travel”. Choose the latter. From there, you can choose to view your Covid-19 logs, download a PDF copy, or receive an offline copy by email.

Please note that the process for locating your records may differ slightly depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android phone.

If you are using a pass download, you will probably need to re-download it the next time you travel. The code expires in 30 days.

Do I need a booster shot to travel?

Tourists may be forced to strike reinforcements if they want to go on holiday without restrictions, the prime minister said.

“I think what the general lesson is for anyone who wants to travel, you can see that getting fully vaccinated with a booster will be something that will generally make your life easier anyway, including travel abroad. said Boris Johnson.

Currently, reinforcements are not required to travel, but Austria and Israel are among a handful of countries to impose time limits on the validity of vaccinations, unless travelers have increased their immunity with follow-up shots.

Does the app show my reinforcement?

Yes, if you have received a booster dose, you should now show up on the NHS Covid Pass to travel. This went into effect on November 19th.

Note: The third dose does not appear in the domestic version of the pass as in England it is not currently a requirement for people to receive a booster dose to be considered fully vaccinated.

What is the Iata Travel Pass?

Iata (the international air transport association) launched its own version of a travel pass where evidence of health records related to Covid-19 can be stored.

The IATA Travel Pass app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

The application includes: a record of health requirements (ie passengers can check the travel rules, tests and vaccinations for their trip); a registry of vaccination and testing centers (helping users find them at their destination of departure or arrival); the lab app (which allows labs and test centers to send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers) and the Travel Pass app.

Through the travel pass, passengers can:

  • Create a “digital passport”
  • Verify that your vaccination or test complies with the regulations of your destination
  • Share test or vaccination records with the authorities

Some 59 airlines are testing the IATA travel season ticket, including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates.

What about the EU Green Digital Certificate (GDC)?

The digital green certificate is used throughout the EU and is recognized in the UK as a proof of vaccination. The Covid NHS certificate is recognized throughout the EU as the equivalent of the green certificate.

How will I keep my data private with a vaccine passport?

The government guidance states: “Your vaccination status against Covid-19 is maintained securely in the NHS application. It can only be accessed through the NHS login service.

“The NHS COVID Pass only shows your vaccination status against COVID-19 in the form of a 2D barcode, which allows you to view your vaccination record.

“The digital version of the NHS COVID Pass service can be accessed through the NHS or NHS.UK application.

“When you access your COVID-19 vaccination status through the NHS application, or directly through the NHS website, you must use your NHS login.

“The NHS login has advanced security features to protect you and minimize any risk of fraud. Your vaccination status only shows your vaccination record and no other record or personal health data.”

Both Iata and the EU have said they will ensure that sensitive medical data is also kept secure.

What if my GP name does not match my passport name?

Then you may not be able to use it to travel. The Department of Health and Social Welfare, which handles the application, recommends that passengers check that their passport name matches their Covid-19 vaccination status at least two weeks before the trip. However, it only matters that your first and last name match, not your middle name.

He said, if different, passengers are advised to contact their GP to update their details.

Iata, who runs the Travel Pass, said the same. A spokesman told Telegraph Travel that the Travel Pass requires the vaccine certificate name and passport to match.

How can I change my details with my GP?

The NHS says, “Contact your GP and ask them to update your details. They will then update your NHS record. Any changes made will appear in the NHS application.”

How do I rename my passport?

You must apply for a new passport, which can take up to 10 weeks. It is important to remember that your details must match those of some holiday bookings, such as flights.

You can contact your airline to change the name of a flight booking, although you may be charged.

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